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Ariana Grande Announces Deluxe ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and Teases Small Tour

Ariana Grande Teases Deluxe Album

“Eternal Sunshine” indeed. Ariana Grande has revealed that a deluxe edition of her chart-topping album is on its way, but fans will need to be patient. The Grammy winner shared this exciting news during an episode of the “Shut Up Evan” podcast, confirming that a deluxe set of songs is “definitely” in the works.

Although Grande did not specify a release date, she hinted to host Evan Ross Katz that it wouldn’t be arriving anytime soon. “I want to let [the album] live in this current state a little while longer,” she explained, adding that she wants to “take my time to execute my vision for this deluxe and make sure that it’s worth the wait and as special as I think it can be.”

On a brighter note, Grande gave fans a preview of what they can expect from this new set of songs, sharing her creative process. “I definitely thought this album was perfect as it was, and I still kind of feel that way,” she said. “With time, I’ve been inspired to write more songs and inclined to do this deluxe. I’m really tempted to put a creative button on this storytelling, and I have a lot of ideas. It’s an idea that’s become something I can’t not do.”

Grande further teased one song in particular, referring to it as “the final song,” and noted it was “one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.”

Much of her music career will be on hold as Grande is currently busy promoting the upcoming “Wicked” films, where she stars alongside Cynthia Erivo.

“I’ll let it be a surprise, but I wouldn’t say any time super soon,” she added. “I’m also trying to navigate the timing of the ‘Wicked’ of it all, because I really want to give my entire self to that when it’s time to shift gears. I’m working on it constantly, and I’ll have more information on timing soon.”

Grande has also hinted at a possible tour, something her fans have been eagerly waiting for since clips of her performance at the Met Gala surfaced earlier this year. “I still want it too,” she said about a tour. “It would be a really lovely idea to be able to trickle in some shows in between the two Wicked films. It would be a mini little sampling of shows, I think. It’s something that my team and I are working on coming up with options for.”

The first installment of “Wicked” is scheduled for release on Nov. 22, with the sequel following on Nov. 26, 2025. Grande stars as Glinda alongside Jonathan Bailey as Fiyero, Michelle Yeoh as Shiz University headmaster Madame Morrible, Ethan Slater as Boq, and Bowen Yang as Pfannee.

Source: Shut Up Evan, Met Gala