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Ariana Greenblatt’s Dream Come True: Working with Michael Cera on Barbie

Ariana Greenblatt's Dream Come True: Working with Michael Cera on Barbie

Ariana Greenblatt's Dream Come True: Working with Michael Cera on Barbie

Ariana Greenblatt, the talented 15-year-old actress, recently had the opportunity of a lifetime when she got to work with her idol, Michael Cera, on the set of the highly anticipated film ‘Barbie’. Greenblatt, who plays the character Sasha in the movie, was completely starstruck when Cera made his appearance during filming.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Greenblatt expressed her excitement about working with Cera, saying, ‘I didn’t know he was in the movie. No one talked about him coming. I was like: ‘Is that real?’ I love him more than anyone on that set that loves him. I watched ‘Superbad’ for a week straight in my trailer for lunch just to cope.’

Greenblatt and Cera shared several scenes together and quickly formed a strong bond. They even started playing regular games of Wordle during their downtime. Greenblatt admitted that she tried to play it cool, but it was clear that she was in awe of her co-star.

Cera, known for his roles in films like ‘Juno’ and ‘Superbad’, was equally thrilled to be a part of the ‘Barbie’ movie. He spoke highly of director Greta Gerwig and the production team, praising their attention to detail and the stunning sets they created.

‘I was desperate to be a part of it. [Greta had] her stamp all over every single part of it… I would stand there and marvel, and never got tired of looking around and finding new little details. It was one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen,’ Cera told The Guardian.

He also mentioned that the level of craftsmanship and dedication on set was unlike anything he had experienced before. ‘It didn’t feel like playtime. It felt like the biggest amount of money I’ve ever seen spent,’ Cera added in an interview with GQ magazine.

For Greenblatt, working with Cera was a dream come true. She had admired him for years and was inspired by his performances. Getting the chance to act alongside him was an incredible opportunity that she will always cherish.

The ‘Barbie’ movie is highly anticipated by fans around the world. With a star-studded cast that includes Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the film is expected to be a major success. Greenblatt’s role as Sasha, alongside Cera’s character Allan, is sure to captivate audiences and bring a fresh and exciting dynamic to the story.

As for Cera, his journey in the entertainment industry has had its ups and downs. After experiencing a surge of popularity with films like ‘Juno’ and ‘Superbad’, Cera found himself overwhelmed by fame. He considered quitting acting altogether and struggled to navigate the challenges that came with being in the spotlight.

However, Cera eventually found his footing and continued to pursue his passion for acting. He took on a variety of projects, including the critically acclaimed ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ and a Broadway run of Kenneth Lonergan’s ‘This Is Our Youth’. Through it all, Cera learned to prioritize his own happiness and create a fulfilling career for himself.

The ‘Barbie’ movie marks another milestone in Cera’s career, and it’s clear that he and Greenblatt formed a special bond on set. Their friendship and shared love for their craft undoubtedly contributed to the magic of their performances.

Fans of both Greenblatt and Cera can look forward to seeing their on-screen chemistry in ‘Barbie’. The film promises to be a delightful and entertaining experience for audiences of all ages. With Greenblatt’s talent and Cera’s charm, it’s sure to be a memorable cinematic adventure.

In conclusion, Ariana Greenblatt’s starstruck experience working with Michael Cera on the set of ‘Barbie’ is a testament to the power of dreams coming true. The young actress’s admiration for Cera and their subsequent friendship added an extra layer of excitement to the film. As the release of ‘Barbie’ approaches, fans eagerly await the opportunity to see Greenblatt and Cera’s on-screen chemistry in action.

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