Ariel López Padilla’s Remarkable Support for Mariana Levy’s Son Shines Above His Biological Father

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José Emilio Fernández Receives Support from Ariel López Padilla

José Emilio Fernández Levy, the youngest son of Mariana Levy and grandson of Talina Fernández, recently revealed that aside from selling basket tacos to make a living, he has also been receiving help from someone very special in his mother’s life – actor Ariel López Padilla. José Emilio expressed his gratitude towards López Padilla for extending a helping hand in his time of need.

“He has been incredibly supportive,” said José Emilio. “They have helped me with everything. His wife invites me to eat at their home, I can wash my clothes there, and I spend time with my little brothers – María’s siblings. I consider them as my own and enjoy playing with them. They have been a great support for me,” he added during an interview on Ventaneando.

José Emilio never expected that a relationship with the actor would develop and he expressed his deep gratitude towards López Padilla for showing him unwavering love and support. “I realized that he is someone who truly cares about me and will be there for me, no matter what. I thank him from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

José Emilio also shared how his bond with López Padilla’s family started. “I reached out to his wife and asked if I could wash my clothes at their house. She happily agreed and later they asked why I needed help. I shared my story, and they were shocked. They said they would help me in any way they could, and they have always followed through.”

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In regards to his father, José María Fernández, also known as “El Pirru,” José Emilio mentioned the pain he feels, recognizing that his father has not been a positive influence in his life. “It hurts a lot to admit that my father isn’t doing right by me. It hits me hard, but as you grow up, you start to realize things,” he shared.

Lastly, José Emilio wished his brother, José María Fernández Ugalde, who decided to live with their father in Los Angeles, all the best. “I don’t understand why he chose to do that, but I genuinely hope he has a good relationship with our father, who we have always gotten along with. I want him to have the best experience possible,” José Emilio concluded.

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