Arleth Terán faces backlash for condoling with Maribel Guardia over Julian Figueroa’s passing – her response revealed!

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Arleth Terán Sends Condolences to Maribel Guardia after Julian Figueroa’s Death

Arleth Terán, who was previously identified as the third party in contention in the marriage of Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian, recently sent her condolences to the Costa Rican artist for the death of Julian Figueroa. The young singer’s sudden demise was widely covered in the entertainment media, with many industry figures expressing their solidarity with Maribel during this difficult time.

However, Arleth’s gesture was not well-received by some, who saw it as inappropriate given her past with Julian. In response to the negativity, Arleth spoke out during a recent press conference: “I am not interested in what these controversies bring because I was very direct with her. Whatever people say, good or bad, is up to them. I acted in good faith and I believe she understands that. All other comments, the truth is always up to me… guangos.”

Despite the backlash, Arleth also emphasized Maribel’s strength in these trying weeks, saying “It is admirable that she has faced the media in a situation like this. I’m not sure if I or anyone else would have the courage to do the same. Fortunately, Maribel has a wonderful grandson who reminds her of Julian. It’s encouraging for her, and I wish her all the best in finding the strength to move forward.”

Finally, Arleth spoke about the lessons Julian’s death has taught her. She urged everyone to value the day-to-day moments we have with our loved ones, “because it is already a reality in this plane we are passing through and we do not know when we can leave, and there is no age.” She closed by wishing Julian well wherever he may be.

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In times of tragedy, it’s heartening to see people come together, put aside their differences, and show compassion for others. The entertainment industry may be filled with drama and controversy, but it’s reassuring to know that there are those who still believe in and practice empathy.

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