Armando Tafur, producer of “América Hoy”, tested positive for COVID-19 and suspended his trip to Europe

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Armando Tafur, producer of the program “América Hoy”, used his social network to tell that he tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

In his long message, the producer revealed that he had planned to travel to Europe, but had to cancel his adventure after catching the infection.

“One day you plan a vacation in Europe, another day you test positive for COVID-19 and end up locked up at home as it should be. There is no doubt that everything in our life is written, after 4 negative antigen and 1 molecular tests for a week, I had everything to go on vacation, but as I say everything is written and it goes through something “, he said at the beginning of his message.

“Two days before my failed trip I felt feverish and a little cold, but as the tests were negative, I continued with the plans until yesterday, December 25, when I woke up with mild symptoms and for safety and responsibility I requested a test at the same airport. which tested positive for COVID-19 ″he added.

Tafur took the opportunity to send a message of reflection so that Peruvians continue to take care of themselves in the midst of the pandemic.

“This message can help raise awareness because surely I could leave, board that plane and say I have the flu or pharyngitis and infect many people. I had everything to leave … we must be responsible with this disease, those who know me know how traumatized I am and since almost 2 years I did not manage to get infected, it does not matter if you do not have vacations or lose some money, first is your health and that of others “, he expressed.

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“Remember how important it is to get vaccinated, today I am going on the fourth or fifth day, according to my doctor and the symptoms are strong little like cough, fever and as if a bulldozer had passed through my back, but nothing to alarm. He touched me, take care of yourself. See you in 14 days “, he concluded.

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