Armie Hammer began treatment for her addictions

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Armie Hammer began treatment for her addictions

Armie Hammer He voluntarily entered a rehabilitation center to treat his alcohol, sex, and drug addictions, according to the latest reports from the celebrity press in the United States. The famous actor fell from grace this year for the controversial messages he sent with several women in which he revealed cannibalistic behavior and sexual abuse.

Vanity Fair magazine was one of the first publications to report on the status of the famous performer, who is under investigation for rape allegations. According to the prestigious magazine, the protagonist of “Call me by your name”Arrived at the rehab center outside Orlando, Florida, on May 31st.

The same publication reviews that Armie Hammer He was fired by his ex-wife, actress and influencer Elizabeth Chambers, and the children they have in common at the Cayman Islands airport. According to these reports, the actor approached his ex at the end of May asking for help in seeking treatment for his addictions.

In addition, it is estimated that he will remain in Florida until he completes the recovery time. A friend of Armie Hammer told Vanity Fair that he is willing to do anything to regain the relationship he had with his children: “This is a clear sign that he is taking control of his life and he knows it is a step towards his general well-being.”

The interpreter of films like “The Agent of Cipol” or “Rebecca” occupied the first places in the headlines since January of this year. Screenshots of private Instagram messages that he allegedly sent to various women between 2016 and 2020 were leaked on social media at the time. The messages described sexual fantasies that included violence, rape and cannibalism.


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