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Army of Thieves release date confirmed by Netflix

Army of Thieves is the long-awaited prequel to success Army of the Dead, the movie of Zack Snyder that came to Netflix with the intention of conquering the public of the streaming giant. And he got it. In fact, Snyder closed a deal with the platform to continue developing films after that film. Meanwhile, the universe of the zombie franchise that began with that first entry will expand with a different story.

What is it about Army of Thieves? Follow Ludwig Dieter, interpreted by Matthias Shweighöfer, who also acts as the director of the film. In this case, the protagonist is hired by a mysterious woman to participate in a robbery with a group of strangers. The story takes place six years before that input directed by Zack Snyder. The script is by Shay Hatten, author of Army of the Dead, based on a concept with the director of Batman v Superman.

Confirmed! Release date for Army of Thieves

Netflix announced the premiere of the film for next October 29, five months after the arrival of the first entry of the franchise. The film will be shown just for the season of Halloween, very much in keeping with the zombie theme that will somehow appear in Shweighöfer’s film. Maybe not with the intensity that it did in the plot of Army of the Dead.

Ludwig Dieter He proved to be one of the favorite characters from the original entry to the Snyder franchise. Now, the expert in safes, will have the possibility to shine inside a story that seems to be made for him. This is great news for fans of Netflix who want to see Snyder’s proposed universe continue to grow.

A robbery in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Photo: IMDb.

With the world once again in crisis due to the advance of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, the confirmation of this film for October 29 means the possibility of celebrating Halloween at home, doing a marathon with the two franchise tapes. Streaming platforms are, once again, the place to look for safe entertainment and this alternative is attractive.

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