Arnold Schwarzenegger Draws Criticism for Hiding Ditch Incident

Arnold Schwarzenegger Exercises Civic Duty by Filling Alleged Pothole

Arnold Schwarzenegger made headlines on social media recently for his efforts to exercise his civic duty in his Los Angeles neighborhood. In a video he shared on Twitter, the former California governor can be seen covering an alleged pothole with tar, which had been bothering his neighbors “for weeks.”

Schwarzenegger claimed that he decided to take action because he always believes in “doing something about” problems, rather than simply complaining. A neighbor who drove by while Schwarzenegger and his team were filling the hole even thanked him, to which he replied that “you must do it yourself.”

However, officials soon spoke out, revealing that the hole Schwarzenegger filled was not actually a pothole, but an essential service trench that was being used by the Southern California Gas Company. They also pointed out that the material used by Schwarzenegger would not work, as concrete was needed instead of asphalt.

Despite this, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger claimed that residents had asked the government for support to fill various potholes that were created by winter storms, and that this particular hole was one of the potholes and cracks reported.

The truth of the matter is that Los Angeles has been struggling to keep up with repairs in recent months due to snow and torrential winter rains. The Office of Street Services has received 19,682 repair requests since December 20, but it has only managed to cover almost 18,000 potholes so far.

While Schwarzenegger may not have been entirely successful in his efforts to fill in a pothole, his gesture serves as a reminder that there are always ways to help make our communities better. Whether it is reporting issues to the government or taking action ourselves, we can all make a difference.

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