Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Affair with an Employee, Betraying John F. Kennedy’s Niece

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Journey to Success

In his documentary series Arnold, made in collaboration with Netflix, Arnold Schwarzenegger tells how he fulfilled his biggest dreams with his career as a bodybuilder, how he rose to be a top movie star and how he rose to prominence as two-term governor of California.

A Love Story: Arnold and Maria

In addition to recounting his probable exploits only with a defiant and ambitious attitude, Schwarzenegger delves into his private life and his love relationship with Maria Shriver, journalist, writer, and mother of his four children. Maria also happened to be the niece of John F. Kennedy.

The couple met almost half a century ago, when a mutual friend introduced them after a tennis tournament in 1977. Since then, they have become close friends, later becoming boyfriends, and nine years later, they got married with a grand ceremony in 1986.

The Challenges Faced

Although their love story seemed unique and indestructible, they faced complicated stages that led to their divorce in 2011. In the documentary, Schwarzenegger reveals that his work in American politics complicated their relationship, leading them to seek couples therapy.

During one of their therapy sessions, the therapist forced Arnold to confess his infidelity and accept his paternity to Joseph Baena. It was a painful moment for both of them, but Arnold realized the importance of being honest.

A Hidden Secret Revealed

Arnold had an affair with Mildred Patricia Baena, his housekeeper for 20 years. From their temporary relationship, Joseph was born a week after JFK’s niece gave birth to her youngest son Christopher, on October 2, 1997. The truth about Joseph’s paternity remained hidden until 2011.

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The Los Angeles Times had the scoop on the actor’s secret son, but the news was not confirmed until Arnold himself acknowledged it. In his interviews for the Netflix docuseries, he admits that the issue of infidelity still hurts both him and his family.

A Painful Journey

Arnold reflects on the pain he caused his family and acknowledges the suffering they all went through. He acknowledges that discussing the infidelity brings back painful memories and reopens old wounds.

Although Arnold and Maria announced their separation in 2011, the divorce was finalized in 2021 in a Los Angeles court. Maria was granted half of Arnold’s retirement and access to the savings earned during their marriage.

Maria Shriver’s Legacy

Beyond being the actor’s ex and mother of his four children, Maria Shriver has had a successful career as a journalist and literary writer. Maria comes from a notable political family, with her father being Democratic politician Sargent Shriver and her mother being Eunice Kennedy, sister of former United States President John F. Kennedy.

Maria embraced her passion for journalism through her work with her father’s political campaigns. She has written books such as 10 Things She Wished She Knew Before She Went Out into the Real World and What’s Wrong with Timmy? She has also served as the first lady of California and worked as a news anchor on NBC and CNN.

Despite the challenges they faced, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have each made their mark in their respective fields. Their love story may have had its ups and downs, but they continue to strive for success and personal growth.

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