Arrested Development: the joke that went unnoticed and no fan noticed

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Pigeonholed within the mockumentary, but without the characteristic of The Office which featured statements from the protagonists on camera, Arrested Development focused on the controversy familia Bluth. There were five seasons in total, of which three were produced by Fox, who decided to cancel it, and two others came from the hand of Netflix, which revived it with two more installments.

With great idiomatic jokes, Arrested Development was the starting point for careers like those of Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat, and finished consolidating others such as those of Tony Hale, Will Arnett and Jason Bateman. The absurd sense of humor characterized this fiction that, although it did not have the best farewell, it managed to make fans very fond of it.

One of the actors who was part of the series was Justin Lee, who gave life to the adopted son of Lucille Bluth, Annyong. During a large part of the series, although this character appeared many times, and even developed a competitive bond with Buster (Hale), their lines of dialogue were reduced to simply repeating “annyeong” (a Korean expression to say hello). As revealed by Lee, the original idea for the casting was to be played by an 18-year-old actor. “While I was in the waiting room, they were all actors 18 and over. I was 14 but I looked like someone 8 years old “, he told about the audition process.

However, it was so good what he did during said casting that the producers of Arrested Development they decided to hire him, despite the fact that he did not meet the main description of the character: his age. “I guess they liked what I did and said, ‘You know what? We will hire him, but the character will still be 18 years old, and that will be the joke. ‘”, detailed the actor. In addition, he remarked: “They honestly didn’t care, they really wanted me to not look 18, that was the joke, that was the surprise. So when people found out that I was 18 they were like, ‘Oh my God, Asian people don’t get old.’.

Arrested Development’s endless list of stars

Arrested Development was characterized by having a cast that any production would envy. Renowned figures appeared throughout his five installments, such as Henry Winkler in the role of the worst lawyer in the world, Barry, O Carl Weathers who played a caricatured version of himself. But these weren’t the only recognized figures on the show.

Isla Fisher played Ron Howard’s fictional daughter, Rebel Alley. (IMDb)

Among the most important roles we can highlight Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig like the young versions of George and Lucille Bluth, or one not yet so well known Charlize Theron In the role of Rita Leeds. Was also Ben Stiller as the opposing magician of G.O.B., Tony Wonder, and there were cameos by Frankie Muniz, Terry Crews and John Krasinski.

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