Arrested for abandoning her daughter to have a drink: the girl, who does not go to class, says she lives “alone”

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The Seville National Police arrested a woman on Thursday after her seven year old daughter was discovered alone and wandering through the common areas of a residential building in the capital of Seville while the mother had gone out to “unwind” and have a drink.

The arrested is accused of an alleged crime of abandonment of minors and the girl has entered a foster home.

Neighbors of said block of flats in the surroundings of Amate Park in Seville detailed to the agents that they had observed, for a month, that the minor was wandering alone through the common areas of the building at different times of the day and night. In addition, they pointed out that the small did not attend classes, had bruises on his legs and seemed to be in a situation of neglect. In fact, one of the neighbors He informed the police that on occasions he had bathed the minor and fed her.

When the agents met with the little girl, she was nervous and refused to provide information about the whereabouts of her mother and brother, adding that she lived alone and insisting on his desire to want to go home.

With the keys that the girl was carrying, the agents entered the home and checking that the house had no electricity, which was in unsanitary conditions and with strong odors and accumulated dirt.

The mother, located at dawn

The National Police learned of the events at 12:40 am this morning, when a patrol was dispatched to a block of flats in the Carlos Marx street, in the environment of Amate Park, where a neighbor stated that a seven year old girl she was wandering alone in the common areas of the building.

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The agents, after contacting the applicant and another neighbor with whom the minor was, were informed that the girl lived for three years with her mother and brother of legal age in an apartment of the block, although these people had not been seen at home for a long time.

It was the person who had rented the house to the mother who provided her contact telephone number to the agents, who They located the woman at 2:00 a.m. in the area of ​​the Great Plaza, stating that she had left work at 3:00 p.m. and that she needed to “clear up having a drink”, after which she was arrested for an alleged crime of abandonment of minors, being admitted her daughter in a foster home by order of the Prosecutor’s Office.

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