“Artistic Mastery: Yomico Moreno and Stefano Alcántara Leave Their Mark on Maluma and Dwayne Johnson’s Bodies”

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The art of tattooing is an old custom that is gaining popularity as more people choose to record their skin in this way. Among the specialists who include characters from the artistic medium on their list of clients is Stefano Alcántara. He has tattooed celebrities such as Maluma, Alex de Maná, and Dwayne Johnson, among others. Alcántara knows the importance of his work and the unique experience it offers both the artist and the person receiving the tattoo.

Alcántara says that painting on a body is a special experience that is different from painting on canvases or murals. The tattoo process is not quick; it is a joyful journey that requires long sessions to complete and perfect the artwork. Unlike paintings, tattoos are done on living beings, and Alcántara finds this especially captivating. He sees tattoos as an art form that involves a unique type of coexistence between the artist and the person receiving the tattoo.

The tattoo industry is essential worldwide, and Alcántara played a vital role in creating the New York tattoo convention, one of the most important conventions of its kind in the world. This year, he co-hosted the convention with Yomico Moreno, and they were the first two Latinos to host the event. For Alcántara, it was an honor to be part of the most important convention in this country and to have Moreno as his co-host. He explains that it is unique to have two Latinos being the face of the tattoo industry in the Big Apple.

The convention brings together the most outstanding tattoo artists from around the world. Alcántara and his partner created a high-level event requiring rigorous quality standards to enter almost exclusively by invitation. This year, more than 700 tattoo artists gathered and will be located on three floors of the Empire State, along with Maluma’s mezcal.

In conclusion, Stefano Alcántara is one of the most respected tattoo artists globally, and his work and effort have helped shape the tattoo industry. He explains that tattooing is a unique art form that involves a special type of connection between the artist and the person receiving the tattoo. It is an experience that requires patience and dedication, but also it is incredibly rewarding. Finally, the New York tattoo convention is a testament to the allure of tattooing as a modern-day art form that is wildly popular worldwide.

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