Arza highlights Redondo’s contribution to the history of twentieth-century Spain

Arza highlights Redondo's contribution to the history of twentieth-century Spain

The secretary general of UGT Euskadi, Raúl Arza, said on Wednesday that “the history of Spain, socialism and the UGT could not be told without the figure of Nicolás Redondo Urbieta”, who died in Madrid at the age of 95.

In statements to EFE, Arza has lamented his loss and has highlighted the contribution of Redondo Urbieta “to the history of Spain of the twentieth century”, since the time of Francoism and the transition with the arrival of democracy when the Constitution was drafted, for his contribution to the Moncloa pacts and with respect to the construction of the State of the Autonomies.

For this reason, Arza has valued his contribution not only to the world of trade unionism, after a long life affiliated to UGT and as general secretary of the organization from 1976 to 1994, “with his struggle for the rights of working people”, but also “as a reference of Basque socialism and the PSOE, and “of the struggle for freedom”.

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