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As Beautiful As You Episode 16 Recap & Spoilers: Chinese Drama

As Beautiful As You Episode 16 Recap & Spoilers: Chinese Drama
Xu Kai in As Beautiful As You (Photo Credit: Tencent Video)

The workplace romance Chinese drama As Beautiful as You, starring Xu Kai and Tan Songyun in the leading roles, released episode 16 on July 10, 2024. The official trailer shows Ji Xing (Tan Songyun) resigning from her job impulsively to chase her dream. Episode 10 centers on Han Ting (Xu Kai) attending a critical meeting with investors.

In this episode, Yixiao comforts Li Li when she grapples with a tough decision. Miss Zeng meets with the raw materials supplier, Mr. Ma. To her dismay, he declines her request as he is already committed to another significant client. Despite her persistent pestering, he refuses to divulge any information about this client. However, he promises to delay the delivery as much as possible.

Mr. Ma’s delayed delivery adds considerable stress for Ji Xing. She worries that they won’t complete the project within the deadline set by Dongyang Medical. Without the raw materials, they can’t even inspect the samples. When Han Ting learns about Ji Xing’s concerns, he offers to help, but she declines.

Ji Xing devises a plan to buy raw materials from buyers ahead of them on the waiting list, offering to cover a percentage of the cost on their behalf.

Later in the episode, Han Ting invites Miss Zeng for a meal. During their meeting, he skillfully indicates that he knows about her scheme. Han Ting reminds her of her responsibilities as a boss and advises her not to waste time on setups. He directly questions her if she instructed Mr. Ma to delay the raw materials’ delivery.

Initially, Miss Zeng denies the accusation but gradually admits the truth after Han Ting reveals his personal investigation. She confesses she was upset with Ji Xing for poaching her employee. She promises to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, Qiuzi continues her efforts to get close to Yichen. She visits his home for dinner. Though Yichen thanks her for helping with his family problem, he gently rejects her, explaining that he still isn’t over Ji Xing and it’s too soon to consider someone new.

Han Ting calls Ji Xing to his office for a brief meeting. He enrolls her in an MBA program at a prestigious university. In her class, Ji Xing meets Mr. Ma Feng, whom she admires from his interviews on genetic testing. Initially uninterested in conversing with her, Ma Feng’s attitude shifts when he sees her with Han Ting. Ji Xing is impressed by Han Ting’s influence.

While eating at the cafeteria, Ji Xing and Han Ting reminisce about their college days. Ji Xing explains that she lost contact with him because she had lost her phone. During their conversation, Han Ting advises her on separating business from friendship.

Upon returning to her office, Ji Xing finds out that a printer malfunction caused by employee negligence has posed a problem. No technician is immediately available, meaning they need to reschedule the sample inspection that was due the next day. Although the setback is disheartening, Ji Xing maintains her composure for her employees’ sake.

During a board meeting, investors criticize Xincheng’s management. Han Ting defends Ji Xing’s efficiency, pleading for another chance from the investors.

As Beautiful as You is available to stream throughout the week on Tencent Video, WeTV, and iQIYI.

Source:, Tencent Video