is present on the billboards of FIFA 22 is present on the billboards of FIFA 22

FIFA 22 It was released worldwide on October 1 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Now as part of this release will be present within the video game, since an agreement has been signed for the entire 2022 season, between EA Sports and AS Mexico.

How do we appear?

To find the billboards, you just have to choose one of the 18 teams in the MX League first division and start a tournament, either the Opening or Closing. The same happens when starting career mode with one of the Mexican teams. It is important to update the game to its latest version.

¡… it´s in the game!

In this edition of FIFA 22 as we have discussed in our analysis, tournament mode allows us to control all aspects of a club, whether as a coach or the career of a single player. At the moment we can only choose a real club from those already licensed to see the billboards, although it is important to note that in the same way we can create our own club, assign its name and image thanks to the new editor that it has within the play.

One of the main novelties of a player’s career is the possibility of starting from the bench and being a young promise, so we will have to show that we have earned a place in the first team in the eyes of the coach.

There will be surprises for our readers

The agreement of EA Mexico and AS México, consists of the dissemination of the video game and contests on our official social networks in order to win official copies of FIFA 22 on their different platforms, so don’t miss out on our activities soon.


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