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Twilight: Ashley Greene (Alice) Reveals She Had a Crush on Her Co-Star

Love doesn’t just strike in the plot of Twilight! Behind the scenes, the young actors (at the time) also had some love palpitations on the set. This is particularly the case of Ashley Greene, aka Alice Cullen, who revealed that she had a crush on one of her co-stars during the shootings… Who? Answer.

Brought in images to the cinema, Stephenie Meyer’s saga, Twilight, is almost only about love. And if on-screen, fans have witnessed the exciting and burning story between the vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the human Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), behind the scenes the actors also had some small adventures that make the heart beat hard.

In any case, this is what Ashley Greene, interpreter of Alice Cullen, Edward’s adoptive sister, seems to confirm. While she has set up her own podcast, called The Twilight Effect, Ashley Greene has indulged in a few interesting confessions… Like the big crush, she developed during the shooting, for example!

Who was Ashley Greene’s crush on the set of Twilight?

Ashley Greene reveals her crush for Jasper’s interpreter, Jackson Rathbone: “I had a big crush on Jackson Rathbone when we were filming”.=

“When we first met, I thought, ‘This guy’s super cute and he’s a gentleman from the South!’, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m too deep!’ He was singing, he taught me how to swing and I thought he was supposed to be my eternal love on screen and it was going to be so easy to play,” she added.

Indeed, Twilight fans are well aware of the feeling that unites Alice and Jasper. And if it was so well transcribed on camera, it is certainly because the actress was pinching for real behind the scenes. According to Ashley Greene, the principal “must have been aware of his romantic feelings” towards him.

Anyway, if you were already shipping the couple, nothing ever happened between them…

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