Assassin’s Creed Valhalla presents Tombs of the Fallen and more

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The age of the Vikings has not yet ended, at least in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which continues to receive content. As leaked and later confirmed, Tombs of the Fallen are added as one of the game’s most prominent new features. It is a free content that has arrived almost at the same time as the Oskoreia Festivities: Odin’s Wild Hunt, a temporary event that starts today November 11 and will end on December 2.

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During these festivities, players will have the opportunity to enjoy new missions and challenges. Patch 1.4.0, now available on all platforms, also features numerous improvements and fixes. And how much does it weigh? Ubisoft has also detailed it:

  • Xbox Series X|S: 25 GB
  • Xbox One: 20 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 6,75 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 4,55 GB
  • PC: 20,31 GB

This is everything that is included in patch 1.4.0

New content

Tombs of the fallen

  • Four puzzle-centric tombs await discovery across England. Who mentioned the Odin rune?
  • Unlock two new trophies or achievements by completing one and three Tombs of the Fallen, respectively.
  • Access Requirements: This content is unlocked in the settlement during the main story.

Oskoreia Festivities: Odin’s Wild Hunt

  • Available from November 11 to December 2.
  • New missions and activities including horse riding and a tournament against spirits.
  • Creepy new rewards.
  • Access Requirements: To participate in the Oskoreia Feasts, players will need to arrive in England and complete one of the first two story arcs (Cambridgeshire or Leicestershire), as well as have a Tier 2 settlement.
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New habilities

  • Perfect Deflection – Deflects Top Left / L1 / Q Button at the last moment to deal bonus damage to the attacker.
  • Dodge and Roll Mastery: Add a Hidden Blade attack when performing Dodge and Roll.
  • Improved Bow Stun Finisher: Initiating the Bow Stun Finisher will fire arrows at all stunned enemies in sight.

Game improvements

Main missions, world events, and side activities


  • Could not interact with Testa de Hacha.
  • The convoy could not be escorted in the “Old Friends” mission because the marker was not moving.
  • Cavalry and heavy cavalry would stop fighting if the player mounted a horse and strayed too far.
  • Basim and Sigurd were not following the player in “Rebellion in the making.”
  • NPCs from the quest “Lincoln’s Thegn” could appear below the world.
  • “A cordial invitation” was not initiated due to the death of an NPC.
  • Orwig NeverDead did not appear in Hordafylke.
  • NPCs could not be interacted with during the “Edmund’s Arrows” world event.
  • The boss could not be defeated in “Blinding Fate” because he appeared underground.
  • The “Mission of Revenge” celebration would repeatedly appear on the screen when looting or interacting with objects near the corpse to avenge without having chosen the mission.
  • You couldn’t pick up the arc de brio in the longhouse.
  • “Scout Zone” did not disappear when tracking another mission.
  • Discovery Tour: Viking Age – The mission objective “A Wager for Peace” was not updating.
  • River looting: fish have been removed to balance the availability of rations.
  • Wrath of the Druids: Flann Sinna’s store card could not be interacted with during the quest “Pleasing the Kings.”
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  • Warcry did not affect alpha animals during combat.
  • Vibration or haptic feedback was missing on PS5 after version 1.3.2.
  • Ax Barrage level 2 was not receiving the intended ability modifiers.
  • Numerous behavioral errors from the NPCs.
  • Weapon perks were not activating correctly or were activating outside of intended conditions.
  • Numerous overlap errors.
  • Some swords to one hand cost more to upgrade than others.
  • Animals did not adopt a stunned stance by emptying their defense bar with melee attacks.
  • It was possible to see fish teleporting under certain circumstances.
  • Helmets could still be seen during some cutscenes, even if it wasn’t established.
  • Eivor was unable to roll forward when jumping from a height using the keyboard and mouse.
  • Players can now switch from ride to run during automatic movement.



  • Numerous menu reader errors.
  • Numerous UI / HUD bugs.
  • New permanent mission alert since title update 1.3.1.
  • Discovery Tour: Viking Age – Discovery Tour playtime displayed in the in-game menu is 0 h.
  • Discovery Tour: Viking Age – POI pop-ups and behind-the-scenes scenes remained during the “A Good Ship” intro cinematic.
  • The level adjustment options were not displaying the correct values ​​in the river looting section of the quest log.

Graphics, animation and audio


  • Numerous graphics, texture, animation, and lighting issues.
  • Numerous color blind mode problems.
  • Improvements to some textures of the raven.



  • Appearances of displaced or floating objects or textures.
  • Times when Eivor, the NPCs, or the Drakkar would get stuck.
  • Performance and stability
  • Performance and stability have been improved.
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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC y Google Stadia.

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