Assaults on older people are shot with fists and by the method of the ‘mataleón’

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The elderly or at least fragile-looking people have once again become the target of criminals who have replaced the classic jerk with violent assaults in which the victims are beaten or attacked with one of the most dangerous keys used in the criminal world: the lion kill. This type of assault has been triggered again by a mixture of factors: the low punishment for this type of crime, which basically depends on the severity of the victim’s injuries, the very high level of recidivism and the fragility of the victims form a cocktail of fatal consequences for unaccompanied seniors.

The residents of the district of Usera-Villaverde, in Madrid, they had been detecting violent assaults in their neighborhood for some time that had a common denominator: violence and the defenselessness of the chosen victims. The National Police increased surveillance in the area after receiving several complaints of assaults on elderly people against whom a man of Maghreb origin he exerted great violence, giving them a shower of blows and in some cases subduing the resistance of these people with the so-called mataleón key.

This practice is one of the most dangerous for the victim. Since it is not only a matter of immobilizing the victim by passing the aggressor’s forearm through the neck and then closing the key while holding the wrist of the oppressor arm with the other hand, but also trying to apply enough pressure to reduce the entry of air into the lungs and thus render the victim unconscious due to lack of air. To facilitate the result of the kill, the author sometimes raises the attacked person a few centimeters from the ground so that his own weight makes the wrench more effective. What is dangerous about this technique used in the criminal world is that they can leave the attacked person without air for too long or cause serious injuries when they are dropped to the ground. This is the case of one of the elderly people attacked in Usera with this type of key, who when falling semi-conscious to the ground was over fracturing the hip.

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Lonely women coming out of the bank

The modus operandi of the detainee was that of a street predator. He observed the victims, all elderly, and marked his targets if he noticed they were carrying valuable itemsThey went to the bank and especially if they went alone. He followed them as long as it took and once they reached their portals he entered with them and attacked them very violently. He had been doing it at least since October and the Police managed to arrest him after organizing a surveillance device. What is surprising is that the detainee had just been released from provisional prison after being arrested for similar events recently and as soon as he set foot on the street he resumed his assaults on the elderly.

But this type of criminal act does not have geographic exclusivity since practically simultaneously the Mossos have detained in Barcelona to a 20-year-old Algerian man for doing exactly the same as the attacker in Madrid. In the case of Barcelona, ​​the young man attacked two women and one of them shook her so violently that the woman ended up in serious condition in the hospital as a result of the violent fall she suffered after the attack.

He also does not understand these types of violent tactics against older people. At the end of October, according to the documentation in the possession of OKDIARIO, a man of Spanish nationality attacked in Santa Cruz de Tenerife a 90 year old woman She was dragged along the ground to release her bag, causing spectacular injuries to her face.

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The sources consulted by OKDIARIO mention two realities that are promoting this type of assault with blows or the use of the mataleón to the elderly and they do so by giving a very recent example that occurred in Ceuta. A man of Maghreb origin was sentenced only a few weeks ago to five years in prison for crimes of robbery with violence. The conviction was accompanied by expulsion from the country to be returned immediately to Morocco. The condemned man had no problems in accept five years in prison, aware that a short sentence ends up being shortened, but yes, the refund was appealed immediately. As long as the sentences remain relatively acceptable and the expulsion orders can be appealed, at least for these criminals of international origin, it will be relatively easy to continue attacking this type of defenseless victims.

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