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Astronauts Capture Stunning Photos of the Treasure State

Astronauts Capture Stunning Photos of the Treasure State

Take A Look At Montana In A Way You’ve Never Seen Before

I am a little bit of a space nerd, probably because I grew up wishing I was living in the world of Star Wars.

It also didn’t help that my best friend, growing up, also loved space and even went on to be employed by NASA.

Buzz Aldrian next to the flag on the moon


NASA Has A Website Full Of Pictures

I would wager good money that when it comes to seeing Montana, this is a whole new perspective for most of us.

The International Space Station, which is currently orbiting the earth just over 250 miles above us, has been taking pictures of the earth for decades.

They are all stored on a website called Gateway to Astronaut Photography, and it’s got thousands of photos of Montana from space.

The international space station orbits above earth


This Is What Montana Looks Like From 250 Miles Above Earth

While we are just going to focus on the photos that showcase Montana, you can look at photos of all sorts of famous landmarks and locations across the whole world.

Want to see the Eiffel Tower from space? Well, there are 16 of them to view.

So check out the gallery and see if you can tell what you’re looking at in the picture before we give you the answer in the description.

See These Pics Of The Treasure State Taken By Astronauts

These photos of Montana are taken from 250 miles above the Earth. All photos courtesy of NASA

The International Space Station (ISS), initially constructed in 1998, is approximately 250 miles above the earth’s surface, traveling at 17,500 mph. The ISS orbits Earth every 90 minutes and completes around 15 orbits daily.

Considering the beauty and vastness of Montana, seeing it from space offers a unique and mesmerizing perspective. If you’re interested in exploring more about how Montana looks from this height, the International Space Station provides an extensive gallery on the Gateway to Astronaut Photography website. Marvel at the breathtaking images taken by astronauts and see the world, and Montana, in ways you’ve never imagined before.

Source: NASA Gateway to Astronaut Photography.