At last, Instagram will allow you to upload content from the Desktop version of your PC

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I don’t know if you knew that you can also see Instagram in a Desktop version for PC browsers that allows you to open the application and see new publications, videos, Stories and use the private chat of direct messages that IG has. But that is their maximum degree of interaction. You can see and like, but you cannot upload content, that is something that is restricted only to the mobile application version. Or rather: it was.

Upload to Instagram from PC

Finally, Instagram will allow you to publish photos and videos of less than a minute in length on the desktop version of the application, as announced by the company today Tuesday. Users have been requesting this feature for a long time, and in July a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that they were testing IG’s desktop capabilities.

And it seems that the tests have gone so well that the premiere is imminent, because the option of being able to upload things from a computer will be launched this week, on October 21 globally.

This same week

Previously, the desktop version of Instagram allowed people to scroll through their feeds, check DMs, and reply to them. Other than that, the web browser didn’t offer many other features. Along with creating feeds on the desktop, Instagram is rolling out a host of new features to the app, such as allowing creators to test and practice their content live.

It was also announced Tuesday that Instagram is expanding:

  • Collaboration functions (now it will be possible to co-author the publications)
  • The new fundraising tips
  • Additional lettering options for the reels. The latter will allow instagramers to turn reels into a more immersive performance with dynamic lyrics, special effects and 3D fonts – very similar to what can be done on TikTok.


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