At last: Instagram will bring the publications back in chronological order of upload

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Twitter did. And so did Instagram in 2016: the feed or thread of publications in these two networks in the past obeyed a chronological patternor, and the last tweet or photo uploaded by the contacts we follow became the first to appear in the feed. But no, both networks had to complicate things and remove them to replace them with an algorithm of “this is the most important thing you have to see”.

With the growth of the platform, in 2016 users did not see 70% of the publications, and almost half of the content of their closest friends was lost, according to Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram. In this way, the social network began to use a series of algorithms to personalize its experience.

Chronological Newsfeed on Instagram

In fact, Instagram is a mess between non-chronological publications, ads and recommendations from other users. And although it has the function of ‘Pending Publications’, which notifies you when you open the application that there are pending publications of accounts that you follow, it is not the order we had before. But guess one thing: At last the chronological order returns for the publications.

As indicated by the social network through Twitter, Instagram will again allow users to decide which posts they want to see at the top of their ‘feeds’, an option that would have already begun to work through ‘Favorites’, which allows you to select the accounts of your friends or favorite creators to highlight their latest news in the ‘feed’ each time you access the social network.

This will be joined by another option to see the publications of the people you follow in chronological order, precisely the configuration that disappeared when they introduced the ‘feed’ algorithm in 2016.

An alternative and not an imposition

According to Instagram “We want people to have meaningful control over their experience. We have been experimenting with Favorites, a way to decide which posts you want to see above, and we are working on another option to view the posts of people you follow in chronological order. “

But the social network also wants to make it clear that viewing the publications in chronological order will be an option to choose, and not an imposition: “We are creating new options, giving people more options so they can decide what is best for them, and not changing everyone back to a chronological feed. “ At the beginning of next year there will be “more news“about when the expected function will arrive.


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