At least 11 people die after drinking homemade rice alcohol during a funeral in Cambodia

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In a rural area of ​​Kampot province in southern Cambodia, at least 11 persons they have lost their lives and other 10 are hospitalized Since Friday, after they drank toxic homemade rice alcohol during a funeral, they report local media.

After receiving the reports of the deaths and intoxications, the provincial authorities began the corresponding inquiries, discovering that all the victims had attended the funeral and ingested artisanal rice alcohol, which was bought from a producer in a neighboring village.

Samples of the liquor taken by the officers were sent to laboratories for analysis. However, based on their experience and the symptoms of the victims, authorities suspect that the drink contains high levels of methanol, a highly toxic type of alcohol produced during the fermentation of sugars, which can cause blindness and even death if ingested.

So far, the person who distilled and sold the contaminated drinks that were served at the funeral has already been identified by the Police. Nevertheless, keep going fugitive from the authorities, who continue with their search.

According to the Cambodian health authorities, since May at least 30 persons they have died in three different episodes of methanol intoxication after ingesting alcoholic beverages, particularly those made from rice, for which they have exhorted the population to avoid their consumption.

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