At least two dead and several injured in the collapse of a bridge in Paraguay

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At least two people died, others were injured and one is missing after a bridge fell in the department of San Pedro in Paraguay.

The bridge that collapsed was made of concrete and was built over the Lorito stream on the route from Cruce Tacuatí to Tacuatí de San Pedro.

At the time of the collapse they were on the structure a van, a truck and another tractor, who fell off the cliff.

According to the police report, to which the newspaper had access Last minuteThree people were traveling in the van, who were identified as Juan Agripino Galarza, Fernando Manuel Villalba and María Wilma Villalba de Fernández; the two men sustained injuries and were taken to a hospital, while the woman is still missing.

Two people were in the truck, the driver Ronny David Areco Riquelme, who had some injuries; and his companion Denis Leonardo Díaz, 19, a young man who died in the accident.

Meanwhile, only its driver, identified as Juan Javier Alarcón Pereira, 40, who also died.

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