At the premiere of Lucifer, Tom Ellis said goodbye to the series with an emotional and unpublished video

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It’s the end! Netflix premiered the sixth and final season of Lucifer which consists of ten exciting and controversial episodes. Tom Ellis, once again in the role of the protagonist, gives an unexpected turn to his character and completely changes his way of being. New challenges and a totally unexpected plot are what prevail in this final edition.

Three months before the premiere of season 5B, Lucifer it became a success again. After several months of waiting, fans finally know the true fate of God’s most rebellious son. A devil totally redeemed and in love are the most important of this edition. Without a doubt, it must be said that it is the most successful closing of the cycle that the platform had in recent times.

However, with each goodbye the emotions run high and that is what happens to Tom Ellis. This series catapulted the British actor to international fame after Netflix rescued it after the cancellation on Fox. And, for that very reason, the star always thanks the platform for the new opportunity, but does not neglect the love for his fans. .

Tom Ellis is grateful to his fans. Photo: (Netflix)

So much so that, on this occasion, he published an emotional video on his Instagram account to finally say goodbye to the series. “For all Lucifans. This is for you”He wrote to accompany the audiovisual in which he and the entire cast thank the fans. “The second chance to Lucifer it happened thanks to the fans”He begins by saying.

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Later, different members of the cast are added such as Lauren German, who assures that “fans were always loving”. And just like the two protagonists, the rest of the actors dedicate tender words to all the followers of this story.

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