At what time do they charge me less to put the air conditioning on? This app tells you

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Although it is necessary to celebrate that the average price of electricity in the wholesale market falls for the second day in a row this Sunday, August 15, up to an average price of € 110.02 per megawatt hour (MWh), compared to 114.63 euros from yesterday Saturday, It is still a chimichanga descent, because the reality is that this week has been an absolute bullish madness and without brakes.

A price multiplied x3

And it is that the price of electricity ends a week in which they have happened up to five consecutive days of historical hikes, between Monday and Friday. And to check it, you just have to draw on the figures from previous years and realize that it has been crazy: Last year around this time, the average price was 31.55 euros MWh, so the increase in 2021 compared to 2020 is 248.65%, that is: tomorrow’s price it will triple the one registered exactly one year ago, according to OMIE data that we have seen in by Europa Press.

And all this in the middle of a pandemic crisis, a heat wave and a rise in the price of the electricity market motivated by the high prices of emission rights and the rise in prices of natural gas.

When is it cheaper to put the air conditioning on

The price per kilowatt hour does not remain stable all day: Hourly It fluctuates from one price to another depending on whether we are in summer or winter. Today for example at 4 p.m. and the price was 0,1144 /kWh€, while at 20 hours it went up at € 0.1606. The cost of Light is moving from one value to another, increasing in the hours when people consume electricity the most and decreasing in the parts of the day when the least use is made of electricity in homes and businesses.

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There is an app called Light Price for Android smartphones that allows us know in real time the cost of electricity that we consume at home or at work and that will also automatically notify us of the times when electricity is cheaper, so that saving is a little easier for us.

At what point does the kWh cost the most

With a very simple interface, when we open the app, a list appears divided by hours that covers the whole day, and next to the price in euros of kilowatts per hour. The color code in the bar on the left next to each hour is the key, since in red marks what time is more expensive light consumption, and in green what time is cheaper.

In this way you can plan a consumption plan and know when it is better to plug in the air conditioning, and when it is better to wait to turn on the kitchen and put the washing machine at the same time. At the moment of truth, the logical thing is that with these temperatures we put the air or the fan if we have heat, but depending on what time it will be more expensive or cheaper to do it.

The best thing is that if you slide the screen to the right you will get the list of consumer prices for the next day (which are usually established after 8 in the afternoon). We can choose the time window and the number of notifications that we want to receive and the application will notify us of the rates that best suit our schedule.

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