“Atala Sarmiento’s Exile: The Story Behind Her Departure Amidst Media Harassment”

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Atala Sarmiento, a Mexican journalist and television host, has filed a lawsuit against Grupo Editorial Notmusa, the publisher of the weekly magazine TVNotas. This legal process began in 2019 after the magazine published over 120 articles full of inaccuracies, slander, falsehoods, and even mockery, according to Sarmiento. She claimed that this harassment caused mental distress, violated her integrity, and had economic effects.

The ex-host of Ventaneando spoke about the prevailing need to stop the media harassment. She describes TVNotas as abusing its right to freedom of expression by using its position of power to humiliate her professionally and personally. Sarmiento claimed that she came to feel that the harassment was constant and violent against her, and the only way to stop it was through legal action.

Grupo Editorial Notmusa publishes and distributes entertainment and information content in over 15,000 points of sale. Their weekly magazine, TVNotas, claims to have almost 35 million readers in its print version and more than 12 million total page views in its digital formats. However, the publication has been criticized for inaccuracies or manipulations in its contents in the past, and several celebrities have filed lawsuits and been compensated for the damage caused. 

Sarmiento hopes that her case will serve as a contribution to stopping media impunity and encourages women to use Mexican laws to defend themselves against attacks.

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