Attempted murder: a club accused the rival goalkeeper for a brutal kick that could have ended in tragedy

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“Hamdou Elhouni is miraculously well”, published in social networks the Esperance club of Tunisia. It was not be for lowerly. The forward received one of the most brutal kicks that are remembered in the history of football. Because of the violence and because the impact was on the head. The rival goalkeeper’s action was so treacherous and serious that he was accused of “assassination attempt”.

The kick in question occurred during a game of the African Champions between the Al Ittihad of Libya and the Tunisian Esperance. Archer Moad Ellafi went out like a madman to try to cut an advance and hit a lick on the head of Elhouni, who ended up on the floor with concussion. The play was so violent that the forward’s teammates were on top of him because they couldn’t believe what had happened, and the referee immediately showed him the red card.

In 2013, Argentine goalkeeper Augusto Batalla received a similar kick in a South American tournament playing for the National Team.

“The video of the attempted assassination of Hamdou Elhouni went around the world. Too bad, it gives a bad image in African football “, published the Esperance club, and then added: “Thank God Hamdou Elhouni’s injury is not serious.”

Moad Ellafi showed no immediate regret for the kick and even protested the sending off to the referee, although he later apologized and worried for his colleague’s health. According to the first reports from the African press, the goalkeeper could receive a very harsh sanction at the international level. There is even talk of months of suspension.

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During this year’s European Championship a criminal kick from the Swede was seen Marcus Danielson against the Ukrainian a Artem Besyedin, and the referee had to resort to the VAR to expel him.

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