Attention fans! The first photos of Michael Keaton in “The Flash” were leaked

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Last year it was confirmed that Andy Muschietti assumed the management reins of “The Flash”, The film where two versions of Batman played by Ben Affleck Y Michael Keaton. Although the filmmaker has been in charge of giving advancements to the fans, the first photos of the veteran actor as Bruce Wayne were leaked over the weekend.

One of the latest advances that the denoted Argentine director shared on his official profile includes details about the wardrobe that Keaton will wear. To the surprise of many, it is the classic costume of the Dark Knight that this time it looks stained with blood to show that it will not give rest to the crime.

Meanwhile, in social networks no one is saved and a sample of this is the last leak on Twitter with the plane of Michael Keaton playing Batman. Based on the little that was seen, it can be said that the actor’s version will be that of an experienced Bruce Wayne who could be the mentor of some characters.

Last month, Andy Muschietti He had also shared a first image on social networks to generate expectation among fans. This time it was a chair on the recording set with the inscriptions of Bruce Wayne, but did not elaborate on it.

Fans of DC comics took to social media to debate what will happen to the character he will play Ben Affleck. One of the theories that has taken more shape is that Batman would lose his life in “The Flash” because there are rumors that Michael Keaton will have more participation in the films, not with Ben Affleck.


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