Attention MagentaCloud users: Telekom announces a three-day maintenance outage

Attention MagentaCloud users: Telekom announces a three-day maintenance outage

In an email to all MagentaCloud users, Telekom announced that the system would be relocated. From December 6th of this year, access for two to three days is not possible. MagentaCloud customers cannot upload any photos, files or backups during this period.

Telekom specifies the circumstances under which users must intervene. If end-to-end encryption from the XL or XXL tariffs has been used up to now, users have to download the data locally by Sunday, December 5th, and decrypt it at the same time. After the changeover, you can upload the data again with the new software. Telekom also recommends checking the deleted data. If necessary, these must also be restored by Sunday, otherwise the changeover will definitely destroy them.

Magenta SmartHome devices cannot upload any data during the changeover. Old passwords for WebDAV drives lose their validity, which is why they have to be re-integrated. Users also have to create new resource releases.

New software is required to access the cloud storage; the previous software will then no longer work. For Windows, Telekom will provide a new client here from December 9th, the company announces an updated Mac version for the future.

Further information and tips for users are provided by a continuously updated Telekom website on the MagentaCloud conversion. The last major move of the Telekom cloud storage took place in 2016. At that time the name was also changed from “MedienCenter” to “MagentaCloud”.


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