Attentive to central bankers: 5 keys this Tuesday in the stock market

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Attentive to central bankers: 5 keys this Tuesday in the stock market

Before the central bank meetings in mid-December, these days we are very aware of the statements of central bankers. Today De Guindos and Schanel, from the ECB, speak.


Cryptocurrencies move with rises this morning.

Here are the five factors that investors should consider today when making their decisions:

1. Central Bankers: De Guindos and Schnabel Speak

Weeks of intense statements from central bankers. Today we will be watching the appearances of Luis de Guindos, Vice-President of the European Central Bank (ECB), and Elisabeth Schnabel, member of the body.

2. Business results

Although the first swords have already presented their quarterly figures, we are still waiting for some interesting results. Today they present their numbers HP Inc, EasyJet and NetApp Inc, among others.

3. Crypto goes up; Coffee falls

The cryptocurrency sector is still trying to recover positions after the lack of investor confidence with the FTX crash. TheBitcoinIt is quoted at $ 16,000 and the Ethereumin 1,200.

Attentive also to the price of theU.S. coffee these days. Today it moves at 163 dollars.

4. Asia and the American stock market

Mixed signs today in the main Asian indices. The Nikkei quotes flat, the Hang Seng of Hong Kong earns 5% and the Shanghai Composite 2% is scored.

As for Wall Street, the market ended yesterday in the red. The closures of the S&P 500 (-1.5%),NASDAQ(-1.5%) and Jones (-1,4%).

5. Macro data

Among the macroeconomic references in Europe, the CPI of Spain and Germany, as well as the business and consumer confidence of Italy and the Euro area.

In the United States we will know the Redbook Retail Sales Index and the weekly bookings of raw of the API.

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