Auctioning José Antonio Reyes’ inherited properties: Unveiling the Seized Family Assets

Auctioning José Antonio Reyes’ inherited properties: Unveiling the Seized Family Assets

Legacy of José Antonio Reyes: Properties Auctioned to Settle Debts

Four years after the sudden and tragic death of José Antonio Reyes at the age of 35, his legacy continues to make headlines. Some of the properties that the Sevillian soccer player left to his family have been auctioned just a few hours ago after thirteen days of bidding.

The reason why said real estate, three in total and all of them located in Utrera, have been sold in this way is due to non-payment of their mortgages, a complicated situation that the late athlete’s inner circle has had to face after being suffocated for a debt that amounted to 430,000 euros.

The Dramatic Farewell and Financial Challenges

The dramatic farewell to the player who served in the ranks of Real Madrid, Sevilla, Arsenal, and Atlético de Madrid due to a car accident was extremely unexpected for everyone, which is why he had no prepared his will. The lack of such documentation that could clarify the inheritance posed severe financial headaches for his widow, Noelia López, and her children, who have said goodbye to part of Reyes’ material legacy.

Auctioned Houses

Three are the houses that have been sold, among them, the one that was the family residence, which, according to El Confidencial, was appraised for about 300,000 euros and received the highest bid of all the properties: 227,760 euros. It is a three-story chalet in which they lived great moments together.

This transaction, added to the other two, has generated a multitude of doubts and uncertainty about the future of Reyes’s parents, who live with their other son in one of the properties for which he applied for bank loans. In this context, Francisco, his father, has been calm and has denied that an eviction is going to take place for the moment.

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The Other Auctioned Properties

The other two houses that have been auctioned to date to settle the large deficit are a semi-detached more than two hundred square meters, which has gone on sale for 132,000 euros, almost 20,000 euros below its appraisal, and a four-bedroom apartment that has been settled for close to 130,000 euros after being valued at 142,000 euros.

Financial Challenges and New Beginnings

The commotion and rumors that pointed to a dramatic economic situation in the Reyes family reappeared exactly ten days ago. It was then that the one who was his wife and mother of two of the Andalusian’s three children broke her silence to send a forceful message about the footballer’s legacy that she transmitted to the program Y ahora Sonsoles.

As she explained, she has always remained on the sidelines of her husband’s financial affairs and assets, so all this information was new to her and she was trying to assimilate and manage it in the best possible way. All this, after last year other real estate seizures of the player were made known.

Embracing a New Chapter

Noelia then assured that she had to get ahead on her own without the help of anyone and that after the death of her husband the ties that united her to his family were broken and she moved to Baeza (Jaén), her homeland, to be close to her parents and her sister.

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