Audi CEO Duesmann: “Natural speed limit” through autonomous driving and e-cars

Audi boss Markus Duesmann expects lower speeds in road traffic with electric cars and autonomous driving. The increasing number of electric drives “acted like a natural speed limit – because the range depends on the speed,” said the automaker’s CEO vbw entrepreneur magazine.

Even with autonomous driving, there are automatic speed limits. “The slower the car drives, the easier it is for the sensors,” said Duesmann. “Therefore, autonomous driving will almost certainly not take place in speed ranges beyond 200 km / h.”

The Audi boss is skeptical, at least emotionally, about a general restriction on the maximum speed allowed on the autobahn. “I see the non-existent speed limit as a great sign of freedom,” said Duesmann. “In this respect, it would be a shame if there were a formal speed limit at some point, because this freedom is something iconic for Germany. That’s why I’m a little attached to it.”


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