Audrina Patridge remembers the moment she rejected Leonardo DiCaprio

American actress and model Audrina Patridge recalled the occasion she flew to Las Vegas to attend a prince’s birthday party, when she caught the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio at a later celebration at a nearby club.

Although for many women this could mean the realization of a dream, the former ‘Hills’ star considers the idea of accepting his invitation to sit with him and his guests too “intimidating”.

In her new memoir ‘Choices: To the Hills and Back Again’, she said: “I was there with some of my co-stars from the movie ‘Sorority Row’, as well as Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, and even Leonardo DiCaprio… A goalkeeper came up to me [at the club] and told me that Leo wanted to invite me for a drink at his table. I looked up at his table and was surrounded by supermodels. It was intimidating.”

Audrina said she would go to her table but never did, so Leonardo ended up approaching her to introduce herself.

He described it: “I told him I knew who he was, obviously, and we chatted for a while. He asked me for my phone number and we sent each other a few messages after the trip to Las Vegas, but we never got anywhere.”

Even if they had gone out, the 37-year-old star believes the busy work schedule he had at the time as the star of the reality show, ‘The Hills’, and the “attention of the paparazzi” would have made it “very difficult for anything to work” with the ‘Titanic’ actor, because he is “very private”.

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But Leo has not been the only one who has been impressed with the talent and intelligence of the actress. Audrina also claimed she rejected a proposal from ‘Entourage’ actor Kevin Connolly.

“The guys in ‘Entourage’ were very famous then, and Kevin Connolly and Adrian Grenier always wanted to have a good time,” he wrote, claiming that Connolly was “a heartthrob to the ladies and super flirtatious.” Although she said he talked to her “and tried to make plans a couple of times,” she “wasn’t interested in him.”

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