Aura Cristina Geithner: what your son thinks about his photos and videos on OnlyFans

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Since the service was launched OnlyFans In 2016, artists and public figures from all over the world have opened their accounts where they sell exclusive content to their followers, which in most cases is sexual material. Earlier this year, the Colombian actress Aura Cristina Geithner announced his entry to the platform.

The actress remembered for productions such as “La potra zaina” (1993), “Wild cat” (2002) Y “The storm” (2005) made the announcement through his Instagram account. Since then, she has shown her fans her more daring and sensual side with photos and videos in which she appears scantily clad.

Recently in an interview for the magazine ‘‘, the actress revealed what her son Demian dos Santos, 22, shares her thoughts on her OnlyFans debut. In addition, he detailed if he plans to return to soap operas.

After being asked about the opinion of her son and family about her new facet in the networks, the Colombian actress answered the following:

“They love me and respect me. They trust me, they always have. They know that when I make a decision it is not lightly, nor is it random, but because I am sure it is the best for me “, expressed the artist.

Last March, Aura Cristina Geithner had already mentioned in an interview with ‘Pulzo’ what her son’s position was. In that medium he pointed out that Demian “Admire, applaud” and tells: “Mom, you are the best”, in that sense he pointed out: “My son admires me a lot (…). Obviously he once commented to me: -hey mommy, I respect your publications, there are some that I don’t really agree with, but I respect them, Mom”.

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On the other hand, in the interview with ‘People’, The actress spoke about the people who criticize her for dabbling in the OnlyFans platformShe assures that these opinions do not affect her because she “freed herself” from that pressure a long time ago.

“I once heard: ‘People talking behind your back are exactly where they should be, behind you.’ And by that I mean that, at this point in my existence, my life does not depend on what others think since they speak through their judgments, prejudices and paradigms. A long time ago I freed myself from that because what I have built of myself is much stronger, more valuable and wiser “, expressed the remembered actress of “Wild Cat”.

“Generally, people who point at others or criticize others are unhappy people, who have achieved absolutely nothing with their lives and who think that their opinion has great value. It is not like this. Happy people never speak, criticize or point to others because they are too busy with their dreams and life projects “he added.

For many years, the Colombian actress has not participated in a telenovela, for her this format is no longer so “desirable” because the world has changed and people’s tastes have also changed, so she is not thinking of participating in productions like these.

“I’m not interested in going back to soap operas, maybe doing series or movies, like what I did with Chichipatos in December 2020 for Netflix. One has to update and take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers you, one cannot live from the past, from the glories you had and from what worked at the time “, he sentenced.

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Aura Cristina Geithner Cuesta was born on March 9, 1967. She is a Colombian actress and model. He spent his youth in Mexico, where he studied painting and international relations. She is the twin sister of fellow actor Harry Geithner.

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