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Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom is among the highest grosser of YouTube and has a cult following on their channel. Austin, who started the family vlogging channel ACE Family is also a well-known internet persona.  This modern-age dad has mesmerized us with his antiques and life stories on his channel ACE Family. He seems so natural on the camera that his life perfectly portrays the modern American families that everyone loves!

But, do you really know the guy named Austin McBroom? Then you have landed on the right page. We are offering you some well-known and a few little-known facts about this ACE Family patriarch in this article!

Austin McBroom- his early life

Do you know that Austin McBroom was a college-level basketball player from California? This young man hails from Palmdale, California. Born on 20th May 1992 to Allen and Michale McBroom, Austin enjoyed a pretty good and stable life in his early years. He also has a young brother named Landon, a professional basketball player.

He attended Campbell Hall School, a private school in North Hollywood, and was a popular guy in his school life. Austin is not just about his sports talent. He was also a good student who got good grades. He had a bright future while living his life with his family, friends, and relatives!

In his YouTube video, he shared his love and natural talent for basketball,” Baseball was just too slow for me. And then football, I hated getting tackled. I would just run all over the field … basketball is just something I was always in love with. Couldn’t get bored with basketball.”

While attending school, he started to focus on basketball seriously. By his high school years, he had an average score of 25.1 per game. His fantastic performance earned him a spot in the Central Michigan Chippewas. He then played the Vikings State Championship alongside New Orleans Pelicans players like Jrue Holiday.

His performance again earned him more significant exposure. He earned a spot in the Mid-American Conference All-Freshman team. Later he became a part of the Saint Louis Billikens team. During his two-year stint there, he played a total of 66 games for this team.

He became a prominent basketball player for his college team, Eastern Washington Eagles, during his college life. His excellent performance in 2016 against Northern Colorado earned him his career highest point of 37.

But, McBroom did not neglect his studies and earned his major degree in Communication Studies. Many people assume that Austin’s education has indirectly helped him become a successful Youtuber. 

Due to his lateral talent, many people thought that he would continue his career and become a prominent sportsperson. But, destiny had a different plan for Austin McBroom. 

Austin McBroom’s meeting with Catherine and his career shift

Nevertheless, his meeting with Catherine Piaz became a life turning event for them. The duo met at a little dinner party, and McBroom was instantly smitten by Paiz’s charms. On the other hand, Paiz was unsure about their relationship’s future but kept in touch.

In a Q &A video with fans, Catherine openly discussed her initial hesitation in this relationship-“Or that it’s going to be. And this is the thing, this is the reason why. It’s because when we met, every single relationship leading to that point has always ended. And so my initial thought was it’s probably not going to last, just because every other time hasn’t. And it was at the point of my life where I was like ‘I think I’m going to be single forever.'”

But she affirmed her feelings for Austin by saying, “I really do think that Austin and I are meant to be in every way possible,” she said. “Literally, to every single extent we are meant to be.”

Things moved very fast for the two, and they soon moved together in 2016 when Catherine became pregnant.

The couple had a secret wedding in 2016 or 2017 in their backyard wearing matching t-shirts and flip flops. They also revealed in a YouTube video that none of their family members or friends attended the ceremony. Austin expressed his views on the secret wedding, “It was a special moment for us for so many reasons. And we didn’t feel the need to have to go to Vegas or to have a wedding that day because the way we do things, the way I like to do things, is very big, and we weren’t necessarily ready to have a massive wedding.”

But, they were planning to throw a re-vow ceremony and a ceremonial wedding in the presence of their family members and friends soon.

Austin had his first daughter in 2016, naming her Ellie. They became proud parents again with Aiaia in 2018. Recently in 2020, the couple welcomed their boy Steel. 

Catherine, already a successful model, has wanted to be an influencer since her childhood. Her interest somehow resonated in Austin’s mind, and he decided to become a Youtuber. Austin’s initial planning was to launch a unique channel that offered an honest and excellent yet humorous portrayal of a modern American young couple’s life.

His strategy became a hit, and now they are world-famous celebrities and influencers with millions of followers.

ACE Family’s initial launch and success

McBroom and Piaz both had a sizable fan base over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which helped them launch their YouTube channel “The ACE Family” in 2016. Austin launched the channel when Catherine gave birth to their first child Ellie. The channel also derived its name from their Initials A. C and E.

Within just one year, the channel managed to get 1 million subscribers. By the end of December, the ACE Family had 14 million subscribers. At this moment, this channel has more than 17 million subscribers from all over the world. 

Austin continues to make daily vlogs and shares light-hearted antics on the camera with his wife and three children. 

As per him, this channel reflects their regular life, and they do not stress-producing high-quality or scripted videos instead of focusing on day-to-day vlogs. 

His other talents

 Austin McBroom is also a good performer and has quite a talent for singing. He has successfully launched the single track ‘You’re my Ace’, featuring his wife. This video got 27 million views. They also performed the music track “Feel My Love” and used it as the intro of their vlogs.

He had said that music for his family and him is “all about fun,” and they do not call themselves gifted performers.

Austin McBroom’s other ventures

Austin also has a successful entrepreneurship line beside his YouTube channel. He has branded his channel to start different business ventures centering on The ACE Family.

He has a special line of merchandise of the ACE Family and regularly offers giveaways to his fans and subscribers. 

Austin McBroom’s Net worth

As the patriarch of the ACE family, Austin has amassed a good fortune for his family and himself. He shares a fortune of $4 million with his wife. He also owns a $17 million house in California.

This young YouTuber also earns a good amount from his Instagram page. Additionally, the ACE family offers endorsement and paid reviews of products.

 Ending notes                                      

Despite running into fee controversies, Austin McBroom is a famous Youtuber. His channel continues to entertain his fans from all over the world. You can visit their Youtube Channel, ‘The ACE family.’

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