Australia denounces hostilities in the East China Sea

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Australian military indicated, on condition of anonymity, that a Navy ship of the oceanic country was chased by a Chinese military ship and submarine while sailing through the East China Sea, published this Wednesday (07.13.2022) exclusively by the public chain ABC.

The Australians assure that the HMAS Parramatta frigate was sailing international waters, when the Chinese ships went out to intercept it, stating that it was passing through a territorial zone of Beijing, the source points out to ABC without specifying more details about the area where the conflict took place.

According to an Australian defense official, the Australian frigate was followed during part of the route through the East China Sea by a destroyer and a nuclear submarine, although the incident did not escalate.

The Australian Ministry of Defense responded to ABC that “for reasons of operational security, Defense does not publicly disclose specific details of the operations.”

The frigate HMAS Parramatta left Australia for Vietnam in May, where it arrived in the city of Da Nang on June 5, to continue more than a week later to the South Korean city of Busan.

On June 28, the Australian warship arrived at the port of Sasebo, in the Japanese prefecture of Nagasaki, after participating in military exercises with Japanese forces.

According to ABC, the Australian ship sailed on its route near the island of Taiwan, a self-governed territory that Beijing describes as a rebel province, an area with strong militarization by the Chinese Navy.

Despite the tensions between Australia and China, both countries have recently staged a timid diplomatic rapprochement with meetings between ministers, after years of tense relations due to a succession of political and economic disagreements.

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