Australia will euthanize 10,000 wild horses (and experts warn that it is little)

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A group of 69 researchers from the Australian Academy of Sciences wrote an open letter to the authorities of the state of New South Wales, in which they criticize as insufficient the plan to euthanize 10,000 wild horses in the Kosciuszko National Park, according to collect local media.

In the reserve they live approximately 14,380 equines, an exotic animal in the local ecosystem, whose presence means important damage to delicate vegetation and provokes stress in native species, some of them in danger of extinction.

According to the estimates of the experts, in case of not intervening to solve the problem, the population of wild horses in the park will exceed 20,000 for next year.

Faced with this situation, the State’s National Parks and Wildlife Service announced last September an initiative to reduce to 3,000 the local population of these herbivores, euthanizing most of them and relocating the rest.

The project foresees that the surviving equines remain in a conservation area that includes the 32% of the reservation.

Faced with this plan, the authors of the letter argue that even 3,000 wild horses would be too high a figure for Kosciuszko to begin to overcome the damage caused by droughts, fires and excessive grazing.

They also expressed concern that maintaining that number of horses would force regularly slaughter a part of the specimens to prevent the population from multiplying again.

Instead, they urged that the number of equines be reduced as soon as possible well below the figure provided by the plan, with the help of all available methods, while always respecting animal welfare guidelines. And they aim as the final objective that the entire territory of the park is protected from that quadruped.

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