Austria passes law allowing assisted suicide for people with chronic or terminal illnesses

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The Austrian Parliament has approved this Thursday legislation that will allow assisted suicide for people with chronic or terminal illnesses starting next year. Patients who have no prospect of recovery will have the right to stipulate their will to die under strictly defined circumstances.

The legislation explicitly excludes minors and will oblige adults who want to end their life to undergo a diagnosis and demonstrate their ability to make the decision.

The process includes an appointment with two doctors, a reflection period and a certified notification before a lawyer or notary. Once these steps are completed, patients will be able to get lethal drugs at a pharmacy. However, the names of the collection points will not be publicly announced and will only be provided to authorized lawyers and notaries, pick up AP.

It should be noted that active suicide assistance will continue to be prohibited and anyone who “induces or assists another person to commit suicide” will face a prison term of between six months and five years.

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