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5 Of The Biggest NFL Fumbles

DeSean Jackson 

Fumbling the football is every offensive player’s worst nightmare, especially in situations when it costs the whole team a win. Unfortunately, fumbling can be hard to avoid, even for the best athletes. There have been several moments where dropping the…

Grammy Awards 2022 Nominees List


The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced Tuesday, the nominees for the 64th edition of the Grammy Awards, As of now Grammy Awards 64th Edition has been postponed.  Nominations were submitted for 86 categories, of which two are new:…

Top 5 Best Poker Scenes in Film

Best Poker Scenes in Film

Poker continues to be one of the most popular games around the world, and has increased in popularity amid the pandemic, growing by 43%. This is because poker is very accessible, with players able to play both physically and remotely.…