Autonomous driving: ARM, Audi, Denso, Fraunhofer IESE and others are joining forces

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Companies from the IT and automotive industries have teamed up to lay the foundations for safety standardization and pave the way for the mass production of autonomous vehicles. ARM, Audi, Cariad, Baselabs, CoreAVI, Denso, Five, Fraunhofer IESE, NXP, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and TTTech Auto call their association “The Autonomous”.

The collaboration marks the beginning of a rethink in the industry and for further partnerships, says Ricky Hudi, Chairman of The Autonomous. They are intended to help “overcome major hurdles in the prevailing competition”.

The costs for research and development of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles have increased significantly, it says in a message. In the USA and Asia, these expenditures have risen by a third to 13 billion and 28 billion euros respectively over the past ten years; in Europe they grew by 75 percent to 42 billion euros during the period.

Above all, the association is concerned with solving security problems that remain in the increasing technical complexity. The desired system architecture for self-driving vehicles should include subsystems that connect to sensors and actuators, as well as units for fault isolation in order to ensure the safe automated operation of the entire vehicle. The vehicle architecture should initially be a reference for all members involved and should also be available for other companies and regions so that autonomous cars can be mass-produced.

The car manufacturers have been trying for a long time to distribute the high development costs for autonomous driving across several wallets. Volkswagen and Ford work together in the company “Argo AI”. BMW and Mercedes have announced that they will end their cooperation in this area, which began in 2019, for the time being, but the lines should not have been completely cut. Mercedes and Nvidia announced a joint platform a year ago.

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