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Autumn sale starts on Steam until December 1, 2021

2021 Steam Autumn Sale It started with discounts on many games. The discount will continue until Wednesday, December 1, at 21:00.

While taking advantage of the Steam Autumn Sale deals You can discover featured products, series, and personalized recommendations, as well as browse thousands of popular discounted products by type and theme!

The most notable among the discounts Cyberpunk 2077The price of ‘ has dropped by 50%. The game, which costs 249 TL, is sold for 124.50 TL on these discount days.

New World decreased from 109 TL to 81.75 TL with a 25% discount. The Elder Scrolls Onlineon sale for 29.70 TL instead of 99 TL with a full 70% discount.

For discounts by clicking this link You can have a look.

Steam awards nominations

In 2021, you can nominate your favorite new games in 10 different categories and earn profile XP and badges as a participation reward. 6. traditional annual Join us at the Steam Awards! Thanks to the nominations you will show, you will help determine the finalists of each category. Voting will continue throughout the Winter Sale. Identify your candidates now!

Autumn Point Shop Items

The illustrations of this year’s discounts and awards are famous Murugiah It was done by. In the Points Shop You can find artist profile and stickers you don’t want to miss.

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