Ava Max Attacked on Stage: The Shocking Aggression that Stunned the Crowd

By: Dan Cooper

Published on:

Bebe Rexha and Ava Max Attacked on Stage

After the singer Bebe Rexha was attacked with a cell phone during one of her performances, another incident involving fellow singer Ava Max has gone viral on social media. Max was slapped by an alleged fan who managed to get on stage while she was dancing at a concert in Los Angeles.

The circulating video shows Ava in the middle of her concert when an unidentified man goes on stage and physically assaults her. Despite the unexpected attack, Ava continues with the show, displaying her professionalism. She kneels down, performs some dance moves, and bids farewell to the audience before heading backstage.

The assailant was promptly taken away by security personnel after hitting the singer. Later on, Ava took to her social media to inform her followers that the man had slapped her, resulting in a scratch in her eye. In the same post, she expressed her gratitude towards her true fans for their support.

The alleged attacker was forcefully removed from the venue but was not detained, according to American outlet TMZ. It reported that the man’s intention was not to harm Ava, but rather, he wanted to hug her.

This incident occurred just days after Bebe Rexha was hit near her eye with a cell phone thrown at her during a concert in New York. She shared images of her black and inflamed eye, as well as a wound on her eyebrow that required sutures on her social media. Unlike Ava’s case, the police arrested the attacker, identified as Nicolás Malvagna, 27, and charged him with assault and aggravated harassment.

The man claimed that he threw the phone at Bebe simply because he thought it would be “fun.” His reckless act resulted in serious consequences, highlighting the need for better security measures to protect artists during performances.

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