Avatar 2 is seen in a new image: James Cameron fears the failure of the sequels

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Avatar 2, the next film from the famous director James Cameron, responsible for authentic blockbusters such as Terminator, Aliens, Titanic or Avatar, has been seen through a new image published exclusively by the medium Entertainment Weekly, magazine for which Cameron himself has given an interview talking about his next film and the future of post-COVID cinema, of which he has serious doubts about its viability, especially with the strong entry of streaming into homes.

This is what Pandora looks like in a new image of Avatar 2

And it is that after colossal success of the original delivery of Avatar (remember that with the premiere of Avengers Endgame lost the highest grossing film position in history, although months later it regained the position thanks to its re-release in theaters), James Cameron has been preparing several sequels for years, up to a total of 4 planned for the next few years, despite the doubts that has the filmmaker at a commercial level in the next was post-COVID.

This has been assured in a recent interview with the Entertainment Weekly medium, where he commented that “the big problem is: are we going to make money? Big, expensive movies have to make a lot of money. We are in a new post-COVID, post-streaming world. We may never see again those box office data. Who knows? It’s all a very risky move ”, says the director.

On the other hand, and taking advantage of the occasion, James Cameron has shared a new avatar image 2 in which we see how life goes on in Pandora, although it is not clear if it is a frame from the film or a concept art. At the moment, we can enjoy the trailer of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the next video game of Ubisoft about the franchise, and what you can see heading this news.

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