Avira Crypto: mine cryptocurrency after the virus hunt

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Avira AV applications now have a new function – but this has nothing to do with computer security: With Avira Crypto, Windows users can now mine the crypto currency Ethereum (ETH).

Avira writes in a support articlethat prospecting is optional and not enabled by default. Those who get involved make their computing power available for mining ETH. This should happen in the “rest period”. What this means in detail is not yet known.

Avira states that in-house AV applications come with a personal wallet in addition to the mining software. Amounts mined can then be transferred to the wallet of the Coinbase trading platform. However, the full amount does not end up there, as Avira collects a service fee. How high this will be has not yet been communicated.

The mining of cryptocurrency demands a lot of computing power. In order for anything to happen at all, you need a powerful graphics card with at least 6 GB of memory from Nvidia’s Pascal (GTX 1000 and newer) or AMD’s Hawaii generation (Radeon R9 290 and newer). In addition, one should not forget that the prospecting drives up the electricity bill and also you have to pay taxes on profits.

It’s not the first time NortonLifeLock has taught AV software mining skills. In the summer of 2021, the software developer equipped Norton 360 with Norton Crypto. NortonLifeLock bought Avira at the end of 2020. Since the developer also bought Avast in the summer of 2021, the mining feature could soon find its way there.

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