Avoid Bathing with Contact Lenses in the Pool

The Benefits and Risks of Wearing Contact Lenses

Living with glasses can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Contact lenses offer a solution to these problems, but caring for them daily to prevent eye infections is important. With the arrival of summer, wearing contact lenses in the water is not recommended as doing so increases the risk of serious infections.

Why You Should Avoid Wearing Contact Lenses in the Pool

The water in pools and other aquatic environments contain bacteria that can stick to your lenses and cause infections, particularly in the cornea. Chemicals like chlorine also add to the risks and can cause eye irritation and inflammation. Additionally, contact lenses can absorb water and distort your vision, making it uncomfortable to wear them.

Prescription Swimming Goggles as an Alternative

Prescription swimming goggles offer a safe alternative to contact lenses when you need to swim. They correct refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia, and prevent water from entering your eyes. They are also comfortable and prevent your vision from becoming blurry. Consult a specialist to ensure you get the correct prescription and fit.

If You Must Wear Contact Lenses in the Pool

In case of emergency, disposable contact lenses are the better option over monthly lenses as they need no disinfection and provide hygiene. Always wash your hands before handling your lenses and disinfect them as per regular use. Swimming goggles can also be used in tandem with contact lenses to minimise risk. However, artificial tears can be used if you’re in need of extra moisturising.

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Final Thoughts

Wearing contact lenses comes with both benefits and risks. When swimming, prescription swimming goggles offer the best protection. Otherwise, if you must wear contact lenses in the pool, it is important to take extra care to prevent infections. Follow hygiene protocols and avoid rubbing eyes while wearing contact lenses to keep your vision safe. Consult a specialist if you are unsure about any aspect of caring for your contact lenses.

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