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Carrie-Anne Moss will radically change her physique and will play a new Disney character

In 1999, Carrie-Anne Moss achieved world fame thanks to her role as Trinity in the movie The Matrix. The science fiction feature film reached audience levels that were unimagined and the actress’s life changed overnight. After her last appearance in the saga, she announced that she will be part of a series produced by Disney and Star Plus, with which she will have to radically change her physical appearance.

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For those who are fans of her interpretation of Trinity, the modification and the jump to another type of scenario and world will seem strange to them. According to the streaming company, Moss will star in a new version of the Star Wars universe with the series The Acolyte, in which she will join the character of Amandla Sternberg and will be set in the era of the High Republic.

Carrie-Anne Moss will participate in the series The Acolyte

The new series will have a first-rate cast, as Disney has assembled a team of recognized actors who have already participated in previous feature films of the company. Dafne Keen, Jude Law, Amandla Stenberg, Lee Jung-jae, and Dean-Charles Chapman have joined the recordings of The Acolyte, which began this year.

The Acolyte will premiere streaming in 2024

According to Disney’s social networks, The Acolyte has a publication date next year. Carrie-Anne Moss will have to completely change her appearance to play a completely different character from Trinity. Her work interest has always been around science fiction and fantasy films, which is why she leaned towards the promise of the streaming platform.

Meanwhile, the actress was not always so lucky with her works

Especially when she played Trinity in the first The Matrix movie. At that time, she received a few dollars as a salary compared to what the feature film accumulated throughout the planet. In an interview, Moss spoke about the low salary she received and losing her SAG insurance because she was working out of the country. However, with the rise of streaming platforms and her successful career, the amount to receive would not be a problem for Carrie-Anne.

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