Axel Kicillof announced the mandatory health pass for the province of Buenos Aires

The mandatory health pass for mass events will take effect this week in the country to encourage vaccination against coronavirus amid the alarm generated by the arrival in Latin America of the mutation Omicron.

This noon, the governor Axel Kicillof announced the implementation of the mandatory health pass in the province of Buenos Aires, which will be articulated with different jurisdictions. The mandatory health pass It will take effect from December 21 in massive events.

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The health pass is basically a vaccination certificate that is established as an unavoidable passport to be able to enter public places such as cinemas, museums, gyms and restaurants.

Those in charge of implementing the mandatory health pass will be the provinces, as confirmed by Carla Vizzotti at a press conference last Friday. In turn, Kicillof reported that starting on Friday there will be the first and second free doses for people of all ages.

Mandatory health pass: who should have it

  • It will be mandatory for those over 13 years to be able to participate in Massive events.
  • Demonstrate to the authorities that you received the complete vaccination scheme against the coronavirus through your vaccination card in a mobile application, such as My Argentina, or a QR code.
  • Only those who are immunized with the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine they will be able to perform any activity in public areas without No kind of off-side, beyond the usual care such as the use of the chinstrap and physical distance.
  • People who have the My Argentina application will be able to download the international vaccination card against the coronavirus in PDF format to be able to have the document visible even when they do not have an internet connection.

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Mandatory health pass: what activities will it be needed for

  • Events massive.
  • Activities cultural, sports, religious and recreational in closed spaces.
  • Realization of face-to-face procedures before provincial and municipal public organisms.
  • Realization of face-to-face procedures before private organizations.
  • For workers performing Public attention.

How the health pass worked in other parts of the world: voices for and against

France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany were some of the European countries that implemented the health pass. The measure had resistance that was reflected in noisy mobilizations called by right-wing sectors and anti-vaccine groups that exhibited slogans in favor of “freedom”, and against “discrimination” before the “imposition” of a pass that they consider “illegal”.

The health certificate is also valid with nuances in Denmark, Greece, Portugal (with 87% of the population with the complete regimen, it is the country in Europe with the highest percentage of vaccinated), Ireland, Belgium, Hungary and Austria.

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Outside of Europe, Israel and China were the first to launch it. The city of New York and the Canadian province of Quebec they did too. In Russia, Kazan This week it became the first city in the country to require a vaccination certificate to be able to use public transport.

On Spain, some autonomous communities such as Aragon, Catalonia and Navarra they implemented the Covid passport, a certificate to enter commercial premises, sports centers and public spaces. And in Italy, as of today, only those who have the vaccination certificate they will be able to eat indoors restaurants, go to the movies, and attend sporting events.

After the crossing between Vizzotti and Kreplak, how was the health passport

The Minister of Health of the Nation Carla Vizzotti denied last Monday to his partner in the province of Buenos Aires Nicolas Kreplak and rejected that the Government analyze a strict health pass for closed places such as work spaces, schools or means of transport.

At this stage, neither the school environment, nor the work environment, nor public transport is included.. In those places, the care, testing and case management protocols already in force must be maintained, ”Vizzotti said at the time.

It is not the first time there are short circuits between Vizzotti and Kreplak. In August both had marked their differences regarding the placement of a third dose.

Axel Kicillof’s official had said that the measure was driven by laboratories and just weeks later the head of the national portfolio announced the implementation of these inoculations. “We do not have health information that stimulates a third dose,” had maintained the replacement of Daniel Gollan.

Mandatory health pass: what will each province do

Some provincial administrations have already begun to apply the measure that will allow assistance to restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas and gyms; while others discarded it.

  • Buenos aires city: will not extend the use of the health passport beyond requiring it to attend mass events such as recitals, soccer games and bowling.
  • Buenos Aires province: Axel Kicillof announces it this Monday.
  • Tucuman: It became the first Argentine province to apply it on Thursday. It is already in force.
  • Chaco: It works together with the Province of Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos to implement an “articulated pass” between jurisdictions.
  • Between rivers: Like Chaco, it is in negotiations with the province of Buenos Aires to move forward with a common strategy.
  • Jump: The health passport will apply, as agreed by the Federal Health Council. It applies to “massive events and activities in closed places”.
  • Santa Fe: They spoke in favor of the initiative, but clarified that it will not be implemented in bars or restaurants.
  • Córdoba: He clarified that he will wait for the regulations of the Nation before making a decision on the matter.
  • Currents: He ruled out the implementation of the health pass, at least “immediately.”
  • Black river: He also rejected the possibility of applying it, giving him the freedom to demand requirements from each club or bowling alley.
  • Mendoza: Nor will a health passport apply, since “the vaccine is not mandatory,” said Governor Rody Suárez.

What happens in the rest of Argentina

The other provinces will wait for the official communication of the Ministry of Health of the Nation to define a position.

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