Ayuso will sell taxation and “standard of living” in the US to invest in Madrid

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New York, Sep 26 (EFE) .- The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz-Ayuso, will present to her interlocutors on her trip to the United States the arguments to attract foreign investment to Madrid, among which she highlighted the low tax rate and the “standard of living” reached in the territory he directs.

At a press conference in New York for Spanish media that was her first act on this US tour that will also take her to Washington, Ayuso said that she will meet tomorrow with investment funds such as Black Rock, A Plus Capital and Torino Capital to encourage them to invest in the community, “the region (of Spain) with the highest economic growth, with the highest GDP and with the lowest taxes.”

“Every time we hear and talk more about us (and) Madrid now accounts for 70% of foreign investment” in Spain, he stressed.

The arguments will be first of all fiscal: “We do not have our own taxes (of the community), we are going to lower the Income Tax, we are (fighting) against hyper-regulation in consultation with employers and the self-employed”, and, in short , “Our fiscal policy is very attractive, with an Administration that makes it easier for those who want to invest to do so safely.”

“Whenever possible, we will lower taxes; taxes should never be confiscatory and hinder private initiative,” he said in this appearance where he was openly flanked by his chief of staff and political mentor, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez.

The other line on the attractiveness of Madrid has more to do with the “standard of living that we have given ourselves in Madrid”, and detailed: second region in the world with the highest life expectancy, “first-rate public services and generous health system Besides being a very safe region, “he said.

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Díaz-Ayuso did not shy away from questions about national politics and his alleged intentions to push for the national leadership of the PP or to aspire to national political responsibilities, which he clearly ruled out.

“I am president of the best political project that I am going to head in my entire life, this project fills all my aspirations -he clarified- I just arrived and it would be foolish to think that (this position) is too small for me or that there is something better. I am going to try to give my party the greatest victories to change the policy of Spain. “

On the international flight that with a trip like this one seems to be looking for, Díaz-Ayuso acknowledged that this always happens with politics in Madrid: “We have a national discourse, we are not a homeland, that’s why there are national messages,” he clarified.

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