Azora hires Pérez-Hickman, former CEO of Banco Sabadell América, for its expansion in the US.

Azora hires Pérez-Hickman, former CEO of Banco Sabadell América, for its expansion in the US.

Fernando Pérez-Hickman joins the manager Azora as a senior partner to lead the recent landing of the manager in the United States through the recently created platform called Azora Exan. Its incorporation is part of the firm’s internationalization strategy, which currently includes investments, in addition to Spain and the United States, in Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, among other countries.

The strategy of the new manager, Azora Exan, based in Miami, has an ambitious plan to growth in offices, logistics, residential, senior living and hotels; Although it is expected to start its journey investing mainly in the hotel and residential sectors.

Pérez-Hickman has nearly 25 years of experience in management, mergers and acquisitions in the field of financial services international Fernando Pérez-Hickman, with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Alicante and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School, has been Vice President of Iberiabank.

Previously, it was the Head of Banco Sabadell in America and he dealt with the expansion of the entity in this market, driving the growth of its business volume from 1,000 million dollars to 20,000 million dollars. He also has to his credit the creation of value by combining organic growth with seven acquisitions and the sale of Sabadell United Bank to Iberiabank.

To this experience must be added his experience as CEO of Banco Santander Internacional for nearly 10 years, supervising the international banks of Santander Private Banking in Miami, Bahamas, Geneva and London. Under his tenure, assets under management increased from $ 10 billion to more than $ 30 billion. Before joining Banco Santander, he worked at McKinsey & Company in Madrid, Lisbon and Cleveland. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Directors of Nicklaus Children’s Health System and was president of the Spain-United States Chamber of Commerce.

Azora is one of the leading independent capital managers in Spain with a unique focus on the real estate and energy sector. More than € 4 billion in assets under management. The investment activity has focused on hotels, mainly vacation rentals, student residences, offices and residential rentals, being the leader in each of the main segments where it operates.

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