Babe Ruth’s legendary bat achieves groundbreaking record at auction

Babe Ruth’s Bat Sets New Auction Record

Last year, a bat that belonged to legendary baseball player George Herman Ruth, also known as Babe Ruth, set the record for the most expensive auction sale for a bat after it was sold for $1.68 million at Heritage Auctions. But like all records, it was soon broken.

Recently, a bat used by the “Sultan of the Bat” between 1920 and 1921 was sold at a private auction conducted by Hunt Auctions for $1.85 million. The bat’s authenticity was verified through photographic corroboration, and PSA/DNA Photo Authentication Services gave it a perfect 10 rating.

Babe Ruth’s bat from the 1921 season is historic, as he established records for the most home runs in a season and for a career with 59 and 139, respectively. Additionally, he drove in 168 runs. The bat’s model is a Hillerich & Bradsby that weighs 44.6 ounces (1.26 KG), which is significantly heavier than most Major League bats these days, which usually weigh around 32 ounces (0.9 KG).

If you’re interested in Babe Ruth auctions, Hunt Auctions has a website dedicated to them at They have sold significant pieces, including the most expensive one – a Yankees away jersey that Babe Ruth wore between 1928 and 1930. Made by Spalding in size 46, it was sold for $5.64 million.

The collection also includes some curious objects, such as the contract that Babe Ruth signed with the Boston Braves in 1935, sold for $96,000, a cartoon of him and Roger Maris drawn by Bruce Stark for the New York Daily News, which sold for $600, and the 1923 World Series Champions Trophy.

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